Saturday, March 21, 2015

Review: PoCampo Six Corners Handlebar Bag

For about two & a half years, I've rarely left the house without my Po Campo Armitage Satchel. If you haven't heard of Po Campo before, you should really check them out. They make a range of bags designed with cycling in mind. Most of the bags feature adjustable straps that open up so you can attach things like a yoga mat to your purse, attach your bag to your handlebars or a stroller. Could they be more perfect for my life?!? I could take my yoga mat to exercise classes, attach the bag to my stroller on trips to the park, & strap my bag to my bike when running errands.

So when I noticed that Po Campo is running a monthly contest to show how we use their awesome bags, I had to play along. I hashtagged a few pictures on Instagram--not hard, because the bag is usually in the Yuba bread basket & half the pictures I take these days are of the bike--& sort of forgot about it. Then Po Campo left me a comment on my pic to let me know I'd won the contest for February for this photo, taken outside the grocery store after I bought a few too many things for my front basket. I used my Armitage Satchel's straps to tie down the two jumbo packs of toilet paper I'd bought. Good enough to get me the 1km home. :)

Po Campo did a wee interview with me that they posted on their blog here, & sent me a cute little Six Corners Handlebar Bag as a prize. I say little, because I'm a mom & I usually need to drag around snacks, diapers, wipes, books, toys, plus the usual wallet, keys, etc that you'd have in your purse, so I tend to go for larger bags. But for the quick trips to the park or when I get to go out sans enfants, this little Handlebar Bag is big enough.

I used it recently when I went to Playdome & managed to fit a diaper, two wipes, a few cards & ID, cash, a pack of gum, my phone, plus some business cards in the various pockets of the purple lined interior. The Handlebar Bag was waterproof enough when it rained on the way home--it's made of a plastic coated fabric. I also like the subtle reflective stitching in the straps, giving me a little added visibility on the roads without making me look like a crossing guard.

Check out Po Campo's line of bags & accessories on their website, & if you already have one, you can show it off on social media--hashtagged #PoCampo--to enter their fan photo contest. Good luck!

A little more about Po Campo:

Back in 2009, Chicago industrial designer Maria Boustead had a problem: she couldn’t find a bag practical enough to attach to her bike for her work commutes & stylish enough to take into her office. So she came up with a solution: Po Campo's functional & versatile bags.

In May 2013, Po Campo partnered with World Bicycle Relief, a Chicago nonprofit that supplies new bikes into programs for rural African communities, giving them access to healthcare, education, & economic opportunities. Every time Po Campo sells 50 bags through their online store, they pay for a new bicycle for a schoolgirl in Africa.

Disclaimer: This is not a sponsored post. My first PoCampo bag was a birthday gift from my husband & the one I reviewed above was won in a contest. I was not compensated by PoCampo for this review.

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