Tuesday, March 24, 2015

YouTubed: Entertaining DIY with Threadbanger

I love to watch DIY videos on YouTube. Occasionally, I'll actually do the project myself, but that's not why I watch Threadbanger. Which is not to say I wouldn't make the things they do on their channel, but more about how entertaining they are. Rob & Corinne are irreverent, quirky, & just plain funny to watch.

Threadbanger has been going for several years now & Rob & Corinne have gone through many DIY projects & honed their vlogging style over the years. I love the series that they are currently doing: Man vs. Pin/Corinne vs. Pin. In it, each of them try out projects--suggested by fans--as seen on Pinterest.

As you might expect, hilarity ensues, when trying to make glasses out of beer bottles, lava lamps, marshmallow shot glasses, doily lamp shades, etc. Not all of the projects are entertaining failures, some of them actually work out well. But it's really the ones that fail miserably that I'm there to see. Who doesn't want to expose the occasionally fraudulent DIY claims you find floating around Pinterest?

A quick word of warning before you watch--Rob & Corinne do swear, though it's bleeped, & there are the occasional drug use references or penis jokes & the odd injury dripping with theatre blood, so you might not want to watch this with little kids.

Here's one of my favourite videos by Threadbanger:

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