Monday, April 27, 2015

#30DaysOfBiking Week 3

We're getting close to the end of #30DaysOfBiking. Our week three was again pretty low mileage (68km total), & the weather was all over the place.

Thursday, April 16th we biked to Tea Swamp Park (under 2km) to run the kids.

The next day we did a couple of rides, but really short again: preschool dropoff & pickup with a detour to the library (5km). The morning was a bit rushed, so B made the first ride in her pyjamas. Here she is opening the garage door for me.

The 18th was great weather. We had two extra kids for the afternoon, which meant some logistical issues. I got B down for her nap while Oli walked up to a plant swap at our local high school with the other three. As soon as B woke up, we zipped up to meet him with the Yuba Mundo & a couple extra helmets so I could bike the older two kids back home again (under 2km).

The 19th the weather was really warm again. We met another Yuba family (theirs is the green bike in the foreground. It's an electric BodaBoda) & rode to Hastings Park Farmers Market.We weren't the only ones who biked there...

After lunch, I biked (all by myself!!) to my friend Emily's cookbook launch just past Granville Island. The SunRun had happened that morning, so drivers were being idiots at some places. (28km for the day)

Monday after the usual preschool toing & froing, we rode up to Oakridge for an appointment (13km).

The run of sunny weather ended on Tuesday & I braved a bit of rain to make a quick run to the dollar store to look for some mini traffic cones I'd seen there a couple weeks before. Should have bought them when I saw them first--gone! (4km)

Wednesday I biked the kids to & from preschool, then rode alone to another Active Transportation Policy Council meeting at City Hall. Below is Bronte, jumping the queue at preschool pickup (8km).

The 23rd dawned grey & just got worse at the day went on. We made a quick run to the grocery store for 50% off diapers. As you can see, by the end of the ride, the kids were not terribly happy about the weather, but their rain suits kept evverything but their hands & faces dry (6km).

How'd your third week of #30DaysOfBiking go? Even if you're not participating, where was the last place you rode?

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