Friday, April 10, 2015

Linnaeus 4.8

One of the "rocket ship swings" in our neighbourhood
Thought I'd post a list of Linnaeus' favourite things these days for his four-&-two-thirds years old update. His favourite... cheese
...drink: milk--he drinks about a litre a day, I think any of them--he loves looking at the non-fiction books on dinosaurs, pirate ships, vehicles, etc.
...toy: his new Ikea egg chair
...park: Mount Pleasant Park (or any park with a "rocket ship swing") Twinkle Twinkle--he knows all three verses pretty well "Super Machines", which is Mighty Machines  in French
...chore: he likes washing dishes occasionally pretending he's a vehicle or an animal
...activity: riding trikes at preschool, the community centre & the family centre drop-in

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