Wednesday, April 8, 2015

(Mostly) Wordless Wednesday

#30DaysOfBiking is going well--haven't missed a day of riding yet! Today's ride was a Choose Your Own Adventure of scenic bike routes on our way home from running errands downtown: 

A. bike over the multi-use path on the Cambie bridge (mini ferry watching, sun sparkling off ripples in the water) 
B. along the False Creek Seawall (new public art piece, possible seal-watching in the water, cargo bike spotting at Science World).

I chose A, then I was faced with this dilemma:

C. take the Seawall past more fun public art (lots of dogs for Bronte to shout at) & the Olympic Village onto Ontario Street, 
D. head straight up Yukon toward City Hall & under the green canopy that is 10th Avenue (heritage houses & odd little wheelbarrow & bike gardens along the way).

Lovely problems to have, no? Here's what I picked:

Hope you got out on your bike today too!

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