Monday, May 11, 2015

Linnaeus 4.9

Puddle jumping in the recent hail storm
Four years & nine months old! Here are nine things about Linnaeus:

  1. Three months to go until Linnaeus is five, & I'm noticing a lot of the skills he's going to need at school. Basic stuff like holding a pencil properly, recognizing numbers & letters, he's doing. 
  2. Linnaeus is not that interested in actually reading things himself, but he loves being read to as long as we'll do it.
  3. He still has little interest in focussed activities like crafts, drawing, though he does do them at preschool sometimes. I'm looking forward to getting his little portfolio of work at the end of the school year in June.
  4. His favourite furniture is his new-to-us egg chair, with blankets laid on top to make it totally dark inside.
  5. Speaking of eggs, I've discovered that L loves eggs sunny side up or over easy.
  6. One thing that he hasn't been that into eating lately is meat. Between he & his sister, they eat a very balanced diet--she's all about the protein & he's more about the carbs.
  7. I finally realized why Linnaeus didn't like a particular pair of pants: they were too baggy. Once I took in the inseam a few inches to make them a much slimmer fit, they were acceptable to my little hipster. Guess I'll have to keep shopping in the girls' jeans for a while. 
  8. One of Linny's favourite things to do is watch videos (or TV, like at his Oma & Opa's house). While there this past weekend, we discovered a new show that he likes & I don't mind him watching: Kratt's Creatures, which is a cartoon that focusses on a particular animal each episode. So he's watching the characters pretend to be animals & invent things, while (theoretically) learning about praying mantises or sloths. 
  9. Linnaeus has finally hit 40 pounds! I feel like he was 39 pounds forever. He kept growing taller, but getting skinnier.

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