Friday, May 8, 2015

Linky Friday

Thought I'd share some interesting stuff I found on the interwebz recently.

Boing Boing posts some of the most interesting stuff that I see on Facebook. This post about a book called Bodies of Subversion: A Secret History of Women and Tattoo is no exception. I've put it on hold at the library--can't wait to read it.

There's something so very personal & revealing about the wardrobe of a person. Especially when you see custom made clothing like what was more common in the past. What Frida wore: the artist's wardrobe locked up for 50 years – in pictures was such an interesting glimpse into her life. I'd love to see the pieces in person some day & hope they find their way to a museum.

I've seen this article before, but it was nice to reread it: How Amsterdam became the bicycle capital of the world. The story is pretty interesting--Amsterdam was headed down the same path that North America has taken, to very car-centric cities & culture. But the Dutch reacted very differently to the traffic fatalities that were happening in the early 70s.

Another oldie but goodie, is The Rise of The North American Protected Bike Lane on Momentum. It's long but worthwhile.

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