Thursday, May 7, 2015

Yet Another Reason Car Sharing is Awesome

When I logged in to Twitter the other night, I noticed a tweet by Modo about some other carshare members taking advantage of a roaming agreement to use our cars here in Vancouver. They're members of OGO Carshare.
Yup, Kelowna has a car sharing co-op! Okay, great, so how does that relate to me?

Well, we're heading up to the Okanagan to visit Oliver's parents soon. He also needs to make a trip to 100 Mile House to pick up his late uncle's things. We were trying to figure out how that would work, as I'm not keen on sitting in the rental car for most of a day to go from Winfield to 100 Mile & back. Neither is Bronte--that kid is not a fan of long car rides at all. The alternative would be for me & one or both kids to hang out at Oli's parents house for the entire day. They live out of town, just off the highway, not within walking distance of anything. His octagenarian parents are lovely, but trying to manage the kids by myself at their house with ungated stairs, easy to access household chemicals, breakables everywhere, cacti at toddler height, a cliff at the back of their property, etc, etc... also not my idea of a fun day.

This discovery that there's a new car co-op in nearby Kelowna is awesome! As Modo members, we'll be able to use an OGO Carshare vehicle while we're there. So Oli & maybe Linnaeus can head up on their road trip in our rental car to 100 Mile House while Bronte & me can use a car for the day to do something fun around Kelowna.

We'll have two cars when we need them, then one car for the rest of the trip, then no cars to worry about once we're back home. No parking, maintenance, gas, or insurance bills to pay for.

In case you want more information, visit OGO Carshare & Modo Car Co-op online.

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