Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Linnaeus 4.10

I've noticed some changes in my skinny little preschooler in the past month or two. They've been subtle, but he's definitely becoming mature enough that I think he'll be ready for school in the fall. He's gotten more responsible & is actually helpful with his sister, occasionally helping me keep her out of trouble--taking things away from her that she shouldn't get a hold of like pens or knives, or helping her get her shoes off.

Speaking of school, we attended the welcome to kindergarten session this past month. We got toured around the school by the principal, shown all three kindergarten classes, & then we were ushered into a big room to watch the kids have a mini lesson with two of the teachers. The parents then left the to their songs & stories & activities--all entirely in French--to talk to the public health nurse about vaccinations.

When we returned, I was happy to see L up & participating in a song with his peers ("En haut, en bas" which he knows because of Will Stroet) rather than looking around & fidgeting in the back of the group.

Physically, he's getting taller but hardly gaining any weight, so he's verging on bony. He's in need of a haircut, with a thick mop of blond hair over his eyes & ears. I kind of love that little ragamuffin look & I also know that he'll look a whole year older as soon as I get his hair cut.

Another milestone Linnaeus has hit is riding with us on his bike. We brought his runner bike to Plateau Park so he could cruise around in the little kid pump track they have there. Then he rode it at a couple of points on the way home, through the separated lanes in Hastings Park, then along part of the Central Valley Greenway. A few days later he rode his pedal bike with me to the grocery store--it's a bit over a km each way--& back home again. He definitely needs to learn to keep his eyes on the road ahead--he's used to relaxing & lollygagging from the back deck of the Yuba Mundo. I think we may bring his bike with us on the Heron Ride this weekend so he can ride the seawall with us.

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