Friday, November 27, 2015

Spokesmama Gift Guide: 5 DIY Gifts for Under $20

I'm sure there are a few people on your shopping list who like to make stuff, right? Most kids seem to need a creative outlet, whether it's building blanket forts, painting pictures, or creating their own jewellery. & I know so many adults who have taken up various crafting pursuits in the past few years. So I thought I'd put together a list of some creative gift ideas for you, all under $20.

Weavy Loops kit

There are several different types of kits with everything you need to make bracelets, or keychains, or headbands, or necklaces knotted & woven & braided out of colourful silky cord. The kits are designed for kids age six plus, & are great for developing fine motor control. We got to try one out recently & it was fun!

There are tons of different things you can do with the kits & many many video tutorials online--check out the official Weavy Loops YouTube channel to start with.

Weavy Loops kits start at $15, or $5 for cord refill kits.

Tula Pink Coloring Book

I'm sure you've heard of the recent colouring trend for adults, right? There are tons of different books out there, but the Tula Pink one has particularly gorgeous designs in it. Anyone with a quilting background will recognize the name Tula Pink, as she's an incredible textile designer. Wrap up a copy with a package of pencil crayons or markers, & this makes a wonderful gift.

I reviewed another book by the same publishers, the Stress Less Coloring Book here, if you'd like to read more about how much fun it is to colour.

The Tula Pink Coloring Book retails for about $13 & is available at tons of stores as well as online.

Holiday Crafts: 50 Projects for Year-Round Family Fun

Christmas time it seems the crafting hits a peak, but what can you do the rest of the year? As the title promises, Holiday Crafts is about ALL the holidays through the year, not just Christmas, so this book will still be relevant after December 25. This is a great starting point for making crafts with kids if yours are young or you are more of a beginner yourself.

Check out my review for more details on Holiday Crafts: 50 Projects for Year-Round Family Fun.

The paperback book is $20, but if you get the ebook edition of Holiday Crafts, you can also pick up a whole set of craft supplies (popsicle sticks, foam, eyes, paper, etc) from a dollar store near you to make everything in the book.

Brilliant Bee Crayons

For the youngest DIYer on your list, you could pick up a beautiful smelling set of non-toxic beeswax crayons & (I saw these on for $15 at Welk's General Store in my neighbourhood). They're also triangular which encourages the development of a proper pencil grip, but also doesn't roll off the table.

Add to the crayons a sketchbook like the simple paperback ones that fold nice & flat from Collage Collage, et voila, you have a great gift for a little artist. The sketchbooks start at $4.

Colibri Snack Bag

Reusable snack bags are a great way to do litterless lunches but for a Christmas gift? Well, Colibri makes a line of colour your own snack bags that would be awesome stocking stuffers. I spotted the fun space themed prints at Welk's recently. They were $8 for the larger size (perfect for a big sandwich in a lunch box). Pick up a set of & fabric markers to the little aliens & astronauts & you have a great gift for a boy or girl on your list.

Disclaimer: I received a Weavy Loops kit, the Tula Pink colouring book, & Holiday Crafts for free to facilitate these reviews. I was not compensated in any other way, & the opinions above are my own, as always! 

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