Monday, November 30, 2015

A Comfy Surprise--Two New Bravado Designs Nursing Bras

Thank you Bravado Designs!
Last week, when I got a little sentimental about retiring my very first nursing bra, I thought I'd post it on Instagram. The words kept coming as I was captioning the photo, so I decided to write a blog post. Bravado Designs, the maker of the simple leopard print bra that I've worn the heck out over for the past five & a half years, contacted me after they saw my posts. & the lovely ladies of Bravado Designs offered to give me a couple of new ones!

This was amazing because, A. who doesn't like to get a lovely new bra? & B. I'm still breastfeeding Bronte, but I've lost enough weight that my other go-to bras are a bit big--the Bravado Bliss Nursing Bra & the Allure Nursing Bra. They're both in great shape despite about four years of heavy use, by the way. I can't remember when exactly, but I know I bought both while I was still nursing Linnaeus.

Friday the bras arrived on my doorstep via courier: a new Original Nursing Bra, in leopard print, naturally, plus a Body Silk Seamless Yoga Bra in heather grey. I immediately tried on the Yoga Bra & I kid you not, the claim that it's the most comfortable nursing bra in the world is absolutely true. It's really soft & stretchy, with a slightly wider back that has three hooks. The straps are really adjustable & it has the signature one-handed clasps to open each side for breastfeeding. Another feature that I particularly like is that it's lightly padded (easily removable) for a nice smooth look under a t-shirt. Especially since losing over 20 pounds, I like a little extra in my bras. It's also kind of awesome on those days every month when my nipples get sore.

I could go on & on about how much I love Bravado bras. & it's not just because I'm excited to be gifted two: I've bought four of their nursing bras as well as a nursing tank, plus half a dozen pairs of their underwear too. They aren't the lowest priced nursing bras out there (the Original is $37, the Bliss, Yoga & Allure are $55-60 but that's a great deal for a comfortable, easy to use nursing bra that will last you from the sore-boobs-bra-wearing-24/7-last-trimester stage through newborn-growth-spurt-cluster-feeding-sore-nipple-madness, super-distractible-baby-where-lightning-reflexes-pop-those-nipples-back-in-quick, & crazy-toddler-gymnurstics phase.

Thanks again, Bravado Designs!

By the way, if you heart your Bravado bra too, & want to spread the love on social media, use the hashtags #BeComfortable & #BravadoYoga. :)

Disclaimer: Bravado Designs gave me two bras but I was not asked to write a review.

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