Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Brontë 2.4

The past month kind of flew by in a whirlwhind of Christmas events & activities, shopping, family visits, a hospital stay for Linnaeus, & then the struggle of getting back into the school schedule after a couple of weeks of relaxed bedtimes & sleeping in. So Brontë's update is a week late!

I'll keep it to a list format this month:

Things that Brontë thinks are awesome:

  1. Singing songs, especially Christmas carols
  2. Asking, "why?" constantly
  3. Being read to
  4. Doing things by herself, like getting dressed, doing up highchair or harness buckles
  5. Stickers, particularly the thick foam ones
  6. Cheese
  7. Breastfeeding
Things Brontë hates with a passion:

  1. Leaving the Mount Pleasant Family Centre
  2. Leafy vegetables like kale (unless she's really hungry & there's nothing else)
  3. Diaper changes when she's cranky & tired
  4. When her brother won't let her do something
  5. When I tell her she can't do something (like pull her chair up so she can get to the stove while I'm cooking!)

As always, it's been an interesting month & a joy to watch this little person growing up in front of my eyes.

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