Monday, January 11, 2016

10 Top Posts Of 2015

Each January, I head over to Google Analytics & check to see which of my posts from the past year got the most eyeballs. This year, I was pleased to find that my move toward more biking content on Spokesmama seems to be what you, my dear readers, want.

  1. 10 Reasons Not To Get A Cargo Bike - this tongue-in-cheek post kind of blew up in February last year. My favourite part was the hilarious comments that added even more reasons why cargobiking is a very bad, no good idea. ;)
  2. Quaxing: What It Is, & How To Be Awesome At It - do you remember the flurry of people using the hashtag #quaxing back in May of last year? Maybe not? Read on for a definition & some tips on how you can quax (okay, spoiler: it means shopping by bike) too.
  3. Don't Call Me Brave - another post inspired by a conversation, this time about the perception of risk while cycling.
  4. Why My Yuba Mundo Bread Basket Is Awesome - an ode to one of my favourite Yuba accessories--the front basket. If you're thinking of getting a longtail cargo bike or adding a basket on the front, read this first. 
  5. Review: Chillafish Bunzi Balance Bike - if you're looking for an option for a young toddler that's somewhere between a kiddie car & a balance bike, you may want to read this one.
  6. What To Do About Rude Drivers - this post spilled out of me after a series of bad experiences on one single ride home that made me question my faith in the essential goodness of human nature.
  7. 6 Reasons To Take Your Kids To Mini Maker Faire - VMMF asked me to work with them to help promote the event this past year, which I was really excited about. Maker Faires are hotbeds of creativity & fun--check out my post for more details & mark your calendars for this year's VMMF!
  8. 50 Shades of Biking - this post came about after a conversation with some other moms at the playground, which made me realize that the misconception that you need to be really "hardcore" to bike with your kids is alive & well. It was also republished in the BC Cycling Coalition Newsletter later that year.
  9. Mount Pleasant Family Biking Festival Recap - I am still so proud of organizing this event & really happy to see a lot of people wanted to stop by Spokesmama to check out Tom Wiebe's (LINK???) photos of the event.
  10. 4 Ways You Can Help Syrian Refugees - after we learned about the Syrian refugee crisis, so many Canadians want to help the refugees that are headed to our country, so I'm not surprised that this post got a lot of views.

There you have it--eight out of my top ten were biking related posts, though I don't think 80% of my posts were bikey overall. Please head over to one or two of these other posts--I'd love to hear what you think in the comments section there or here.

Happy New Year!

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