Thursday, March 31, 2016

5 Types of People Who Should Do #30DaysOfBiking

It's April, spring has sprung & it's time to get on your bike! In case you needed some inspiration, here's a challenge for you: ride your bike EVERY DAY in April. That's right, every single day, rain or shine, in sickness & in health... or at least try your best to do so!

What the heck am I talking about? Well, 30 Days of Biking is a thing. I didn't just make it up. It's a pledge to ride your bike every day in April, any distance, to any destination, & then share your adventures online. Sharing is caring, right? Hashtag #30daysofbiking, natch.

Also very cool: for every 2 pledges, 30 Days Of Biking will donate $1 to World Bicycle Relief. Help them reach 10,000 pledges in 2016! 

So, on to the list of the five kinds of people who really should do 30 Days of Biking:

  1. Regular Monday to Friday bike commuters who maybe drive, walk or bus on weekends. C'mon guys, you have NO EXCUSE!
  2. Recreational riders who need an excuse to ride more. Here it is. I DARE YOU! ;)
  3. Stay/work-at-home-parents with young kids who are bored of the parks in their immediate vicinity. Rather than rolling out of bed, grabbing the yoga pants & heading to the park two blocks away, strap your toddler into your trailer/child seat/cargo bike & ride somewhere interesting! Bonus points if there's a nice cafe next to the new park! (By the way, we're having a Vancouver Family Biking #30DaysOfBiking Kickoff Coffee Ride Friday, 10am April 1st!)
  4. Non-cyclists who want to jump in with both feet. Maybe starting to ride your bike more often was on your list of New Year's resolutions, or you recently got a bike but haven't used it much. This is your chance! Jump on & pedal! Remember, there's no minimum distance, so you can totally start off slow & work your way up to longer rides during the month. 
  5. Runners training for the SunRun/Fill-the-Charity-in-the-Blank Run/Marathon/whatever. Cycling is great cross training. It's also a great way to get your butt to the seawall or somewhere interesting rather than just running out your front door, around the same loop in your neighbourhood, & back again.

There you have it. Are you one of these 'types' of people? Can you think of another 'type' who should join us in 30 Days of Biking? 

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& just so you have no excuses about pledging to ride each day, here's the link for you. 
Make the Pledge right here.
If you happen to have time on the morning of Friday, April 1st, join Vancouver Family Biking for a short #30DaysOfBiking Kickoff Coffee Ride. We meet at 10am at Science World & will ride to a park along the seawall for coffee/tea & snacks. We supply the hot drinks, you bring some snacks to share! More details & RSVP here.

See you in the bike lanes!

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