Sunday, March 6, 2016

Brontë 2.6

My "big girl" is still pretty little
Two & a half. Doesn't seem long ago that I was pregnant. Only two years ago Bronte tried her first solid food (yams). Facebook reminds me that she was walking, talking & playing with her brother on this day last year.

Today Bronte is well on her way to "threenager" status. "I can do it myself!" is frequent response when I try to help her. Whether it's carrying her bowl of oatmeal to the table, fastening her bike seat harness, or putting on her gumboots, she's fiercely independent.

Conversely, she still asks to breastfeed half a dozen times a day & when I'm gone for more than an hour, she asks her Papa where I am & when I'm coming home.

Bronte still loves her food & can be counted on to scarf down all the meat she can get. Beans & pretty much any fruit are favourites too. She likes sweets but will often leave a cookie or dessert uneaten, unlike me & her brother.

She loves to pretend & is really starting to do a lot of cooperative, imaginary play with her brother. Her social skills are pretty good--she's quite empathetic & I've seen her intervene on behalf of other children, as well as standing up for herself when needed. Of course, she occasionally just grabs what she wants from other kids, which we're working on, but she is still only two.

Her language skills continue to surprise me. She has been picking up expressions from her brother so she occasionally sounds like a tiny kindergartener. She still uses some cute babyisms though. Here are some of my favourites. Can you guess what they mean?

  1. olabar
  2. noctopus
  3. gram bileye land
  4. big gill

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