Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Last Day of Kindergarten

Wow, what a year this has been for Linnaeus. The little boy who wasn't entirely sure about this whole kindergarten thing has changed into an almost-six-year-old with new friends, interests, and already amazing French skills. I'm so happy we were able to get into French immersion. The year hasn't been without its challenges, but a wonderful teacher and a supportive school have really helped Linny blossom.

Though I'm still slightly conflicted about over programming his summer, we've decided to enroll L in summer school. This means he'll have the regular routine of going (mornings only) to school & doing class work for three weeks in July. The course is specifically for French immersion kindergarteners making the transition to grade one, so I hope it'll be worthwhile for him.

The real proof that his teacher & school have started him off on the right foot was when I asked him if he'd be interested in going to summer school: he responded enthusiastically, yes!

Now to enjoy a week of sleeping in before summer school gets going...

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