Friday, June 10, 2016

Stop & Smell the... Apples?!

About seven or eight years ago, an apple core escaped the green waste bin, or maybe was just chucked into the weeds on the edge of our driveway at the back of the house. It sprouted & grew in the little strip of dirt there, up against the tall wood fence. We noticed it once it got to be a couple of feet high, maybe the next year, realizing that it was an apple tree. We sort of forgot about it for quite a while, at various points doing a bit of a hack job pruning it to keep it out of the way of the garbage & green waste carts.

A few days ago, I happened to glance over at the tree (or trees, technically--it's two) & was amazed to see apples! We bought another apple tree via the Treekeeper sale in the past year & I guess the cross pollination was what spurred on the fruit this year.

As an aside, this should give you a sense of how busy I've been lately--I've had so much bikey stuff going on (the Cargo Bike Championships, Bike to School/Work Week, finalzing all the details for the first ABCs of Family Biking Workshop, planning a Vancouver Family Biking Ride, writing an article for Momentum Magazine, Active Transportation Policy Council Meetings, planning our involvement in Car Free Day) that I didn't even Instagram the apples until today.

So here they are, about three dozen apples in all, growing between the concrete driveway & the fence. Hopefully they don't get eaten by pests & we'll have a good crop!

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