Monday, June 6, 2016

Bronte 2.9

Bronte at two & three quarters continues to be energetic as ever. We can barely keep up with her.

She was running all over the place at the Bike to Work Week Wrapup Barbeque, hopping in & out of various cargo bikes on display, & playing with the other little kids there. Thankfully we knew a lot of people there, so our friends helped keep track of her while Oliver & I took turns racing in the Cargo Bike Championships.

At the Vancouver International Children's Festival the same weekend she took off on us, heading straight from our picnic blanket back to the "Twist & Toddle" tent with all the little kid toys. She was spotted immediately by a volunteer & brought to the Lost Children tent, where they saw the name & phone number tag we'd attached to her belt loop. The whole process took a minute or two & I got the call as I was already walking toward the tent.

Bronte been resisting going to bed at night a lot lately, so I think it's nearly time to ditch the naps. The days when she has a shorter than usual nap she goes to sleep much easier. Toilet training has still not happened--she seems interested but isn't capable of predicting when she'll need to go yet.

Her language development continues to amaze us & most people she talks to. Which is a lot, as she's really social. She still really loves babies too & got to hold her first newborn recently!

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