Wednesday, November 15, 2017

Five Vancouver Transportation-related Projects You Should Provide Feedback on this Fall

Here's your chance to make your voice heard on five different upcoming projects in the City of Vancouver. I'm sure at least one of them will directly affect you. Here's the details from the city on how, where, & when you can provide feedback about each of the projects:

Throughout November, the City of Vancouver is inviting the public to provide feedback on a range of transportation-related projects. We want to hear from you on projects that will help alleviate congestion, make streets safer, create better places for people, and address the changing needs of our streets.

1. Northeast False Creek - Northeast False Creek will be a destination for people from all over Vancouver. With the area plan for Northeast False Creek now in its final stages, the public is welcomed to a pop-up shop to see how community consultation over the past 18 months has shaped the future of the area and learn about how the new transportation network would function.

Pop-up Shop at 511 W Broadway (at Cambie):

Saturday, November 18, 11 am - 5 pm
Monday, November 20, 11 am - 5 pm
Tuesday, November 21, 11 am - 5 pm
Wednesday, November 22, 3 - 9 pm

More details on Northeast False Creek.

2. Cambie Bridge - Over the past decade, walking and cycling volumes have grown steadily on Cambie Bridge. While there is a dedicated sidewalk for pedestrians on the west side of the bridge, there is no dedicated path for people cycling. We are looking to address overcrowding issues for people walking and cycling on the shared-use path on the east side of Cambie Bridge. The City is considering an option to add a new interim southbound protected bike lane is being added on the west side.

Provide feedback into the interim option:

Attend an open house:  Thursday, November 30

More details on Cambie Bridge.

3. Georgia Gateway West - We are beginning a transportation planning process for Georgia Street, between Chilco St and Nicola St, to explore how to make Georgia a complete street that is safe, efficient, and welcoming for people of all ages, abilities, using different modes of travel. We want to learn from residents, businesses, and road users about their experience of Georgia Street and what could make the street safer and more welcoming.

Attend an open house: Saturday, November 18

More details on Georgia Gateway West.

4. Alexander Bikeway - We're planning updates to Alexander Street to make it safer and more comfortable for cyclists of all ages and abilities by slowing traffic. This will help address a major gap in our cycling network by creating better cycling connections between Gastown, Strathcona, and beyond.

Attend an open house: Tuesday, November 21

More details on Alexander Bikeway.

5. Mobility Pricing - "It's Time" for Metro Vancouver to have their say on how we use and pay for transportation throughout the region to reduce congestion, promote fairness and support investment in our roads and transit system. The "It's Time" project is looking at how Metro Vancouver's transportation system can be improved through decongestion charges, where users pay their fair share of the road services they use.

Share what you think needs to be addressed from a Vancouver perspective, and help build a tailored approach to alleviating congestion in Metro Vancouver.

More details on Mobility Pricing.

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