Wednesday, December 6, 2017

Stocking Stuffers for Kids

What sort of things do you put in your kids' Christmas Stockings? When I was a kid, there were a few things that I found in there every year: chocolate coins, an orange, & a candy cane. I often got a few useful gifts in there too, like underwear or socks, plus a few other small items. Now that I'm stuffing stockings for my own kids, I like to give them a mix of fun stuff & useful stuff, while trying to stay away from low quality plastic stuff that'll end up in a landfill in a matter of months. But I also don't want to spend a mint on stocking stuffers, so affordable is key.

Here are a few ideas for affordable stocking stuffers for kids (& let's be honest, a lot of adults would like many of these too):

  1. Play Tape--masking tape with roads printed on it that can be put down in different ways, then peeled up & recycled after, great combined with a Hot Wheels car or two. Comes in two widths, lots of colours, & is available in store at Walmart for just $5.
  2. DIY Kit--felt plus embroidery thread & a needle, or homemade playdough (check out Mama.Papa.Bubba for loads of ideas)
  3. Mini Sketchbooks--I generally look at Opus Framing for any art supplies, since the quality is generally so much better. A tiny blank book is portable for entertaining kids at restaurants, or in waiting rooms, & even road trips. Get a 5"x8" book for just $3 at Opus.
  4. Bath bombs--if you DIY these there are tons of tutorials online. I bought the citric acid & cream of tartar at Famous Foods for about $8, which will make at least a dozen of them. Or buy ready-made bath bombs at Lush for $6 & up.
  5. Blue Orange games in a tin--they're small, they're portable, & they practise useful skills like scanning, math, reading, etc Ring It is one of my kids' current faves, available online for $16 
  6. Reflective bracelets or tags--useful for walking & biking in the darker mornings & aftermoons. MEC has a great selection under $5, but I particularly like the reflective pins made by PoCampo--they're a little more stylish & still only $10 for two of them.
  7. Ikea stuffies--inexpensive, cute, machine washable & dryable (both important qualities for children's toys!), $1-20. I particularly love the SAGOSKATT line which are designed by children: the proceeds go to children's charity focussed on the importance of play.
  8. Turbo Turtle lights--designed for easily attaching to a bike, but they also work great on backpacks & zipper pulls when walking. $7 from MEC

Hope this list helps you save a little time in your holiday shopping. Are you finished yet, or are you more of a last-minute shopper? Have you cut back on the consumerism this year? I'm curious to hear how the holidays are for you. Let me know in the comments below!

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