Saturday, January 6, 2018

Bronte 4.3 & 4.4

Hm, so I think I missed a month of updates on bubs in all the holiday hoo-ha, then got distracted a bit while B was at BC Children's Hospital for eight days. She's just finishing up a course of antibiotics, plus we'll have some followup testing at the hospital but she's fine. So let's combine the past two months into one update, shall we?

Bronte's favourite things:

Drawing on paper, herself, the laptops, furniture, books. She has started copying the black & white line drawing that I have been doing a lot lately & I have to admit, I'm pretty impressed. Shes' also getting better at writing her name in the correct order. Es still look a lot like combs though.

Making anything, especially jewellery or perler bead creations. She was pretty excited to be allowed to use scissors to make paper snowflakes.

Her stuffed animals, though not ever any specific one for long. This was handy in hospital when we needed to launder a couple of them.

Popsicles: many of these were consumed in hospital, despite barfing up the first one due to her post-anaesthesia nausea. She'll eat any flavour, but if given a choice, it needs to be cherry.
Dresses, the more colours & prints she can combine together with her leggings, shirts, & socks, the better. I really should try to document these outfits more often.

Yogurt. This kid would eat at least a litre of the stuff every day if we let her.

Dogs & cats. This is Elvis. He lives a block down the street & just walks into our house sometimes. He barely tolerates Bronte, probably because she loves him so much.

Moving constantly. It is very difficult to get a clear photo of this child because she literally never stops moving. Here she is, about two minutes after a blood test. Bounces back quickly, this one does.

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