Friday, May 31, 2019

Kerrisdale ABCs of Family Biking Workshop Resources

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For those of you who attended the Kerrisdale ABCs of Family Biking Workshop, here are the resources mentioned in the presentation:

Join a supportive community of cycling parents: Vancouver Family Biking FB Group

Where to buy a cargo bike in Vancouver

Register your bike with Project 529

Check to see if a bike is stolen with the Canadian Police Information Centre

Factors to think about when choosing a family biking setup:
  • Temperament of child
  • Current bike/gear
  • Size, age, abilities of child (growth chart to predict next few years)
  • Your size & abilities
  • Storage space for your bike
  • Carrying other things
  • Weather
  • Budget

Register for a HUB Cycling Family Streetwise Course (just $10 per adult, free for kids)

Bike Sense Manual 
URBAN CYCLING: How to Get to Work, Save Money, and Use Your Bike 

Road sign & pavement marking info & where you are allowed to bike, skate, walk on the City of Vancouver website 

Route Planning with CoV  or Google maps (click on the bike layer to show bike lanes, bikeways, etc) or Let's Go Biking
Translink cycling maps & information plus the Rider Guide on taking your bike on bus, Skytrain, & Seabus

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