Wednesday, September 2, 2020

Unofficial Beach Ave Bikefest Sept 27 2020

Family rides on Beach Ave Bikeway
Photo: Lucy Maloney

Looks like we need to reschedule the Unofficial Beach Ave Bikefest 2020 due to the air quality. [Sad trombone] We will try again in two weeks, Sunday, September 27th, 3-4pm again! 🤞 for good weather/air!

Unofficial Beach Ave Bikefest 2020

Choose a costume! Organise your cargo! Bring the family! Come on down to Vancouver’s most popular and scenic cycling destination for some healthy outdoor fun!

The inaugural unofficial Beach Avenue Bikefest will be taking place on Sunday 13  27 September between 3.00 and 4.00 pm rain or shine!

This event will be Covid-19 compliant - there will be no gathering and no giveaways, just laughs from afar at costume-clad cyclists. All you have to do is choose a costume, and/or decorate your bike, and/or load up your trailer and ride up and down Beach Avenue. Don’t have a trailer? Just dress up and/or decorate your bike.

You can post your own photo on Twitter using #BeachAveBikefest, pause for a photo on the grass triangle where Beach Ave and Pacific Street meet at Jervis Street when you can safely distance or just smile at one of the roving photographers.

“Judging” will take place on Twitter at #BeachAveBikefest on Sunday evening or as soon as we can manage it. We will be awarding creativity and hilariousness of cyclist costumes, bike decorations, instruments played, and loads carried. Choose a theme! Make us laugh!

And if you love riding on Beach Avenue Bikeway and in Stanley Park, fill out the City of Vancouver survey on Making Streets for People by September 7, sign the HUB Cycling petition to Make #BeachAveBikeway Permanent and fill out the Park Board survey on Space for Cycling in Stanley Park by September 13.

Please note, this event is not associated with any organisation, we just think it might be a bit of safe, healthy fun in these dark times - participate at your own risk.

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