Wednesday, October 14, 2020

People Protected Bike Ride on Stanley Park Drive 1pm October 18

Come for a People-Protected Bike Ride on Stanley Park Drive with us this Sunday, October 18, at 1.00 pm, meeting at Ceperley Car Park.  Stronger, more confident cyclists will be riding on the outside of the right lane, protecting the children and less confident/vulnerable riders who benefited the most from the temporary separated lane that was inexplicably removed on 25 September, with Covid-19 cases at their peak in BC and reduced cyclist numbers after a week of forest fire smoke.

The Park Drive bike lane was removed alongside the reopening of the Park Board’s recreational and leisure facilities across Vancouver. However the removal of the protected lane closed a recreational facility used by tens of thousands of people of all ages and abilities. A better comparison is the City of Vancouver’s ongoing improvement and expansion of its Slow Streets program including the Beach Avenue Bikeway, the busiest bikeway in the city. And all this at a time when fewer people are driving to the park and there’s even less need for two lanes for drivers. 

We’re campaigning to have the protected lane on Stanley Park Dr returned in Spring 2021 when Park Board commissioners will vote on a potential permanent Stanley Park Drive bike lane. There isn’t enough room for all the people who want to cycle on the seawall - we also need a bike lane on Stanley Park Drive to share the load, and a protected return route down Pipeline Road for people who want to cycle safely to the middle of the park or cut back before the hill.

Please keep at least 2 metres distance from other riders not in your household and bring a mask.

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