Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Baby's gotta eat

Monday Sprout ticked off a new box in our list of places he's breastfed: the public viewing gallery of the BC Legislature, as the Lieutenant Governor entered (we all had to stand up) for the throne speech. I've decided to compile a list of everywhere interesting that he's nursed. Sadly, we rarely take pictures when he's eating, so I have little photographic evidence. ;) Here's my list so far:
  • BC Ferries to Victoria & Bowen
  • a number of public transit buses around Vancouver
  • probably every cafe I've been to in the past six months
  • in the front row of a Vancouver Giants hockey game
  • various friends' house parties & barbeques
  • outdoors at the Vancouver German Christmas Market (brr...)
  • in several shopping mall seating areas, food courts & once a "parents' room" (blech, wouldn't use that again)
  • the hallway of some random UBC building we went into while walking through the campus
  • the offices of my chiropractor, doctor, midwives
  • during mom & baby fitness classes
  • in one or two public libraries
  • while eating at far too many fast food restaurants
As you can tell, Sprout gets around & he eats wherever we happen to be. Besides the fact that I feed him on demand & can't really plan for when exactly his feedings are going to be, I believe every woman should feel comfortable breastfeeding in public. I hope if other women see me doing it, they will feed their babies everywhere too. I hope if girls see me doing it, they'll learn what their breasts are supposed to be for. I hope if everyone else out there sees me doing it they'll start to think of it as normal & positive if they don't already.

What interesting places have you breastfed or seen someone breastfeeding?


  1. Good for you! The very first time I breastfed Toby in public was outside of Calabria when I was out for coffee with a friend. There were a bunch of old men nearby, and I felt a bit awkward about it (didn't want to expose my boob in front of them) but I did it anyways. And I never felt awkward about it again! I tried to be discreet about it and not flash milk-oozing boobs around to people who may not wish to see them - not from shame, but out of respect for others.

  2. Two that stick out in my head are in the ER, as well as in the middle of Safeway, or rather along the side, where they sell coffee! I believe I also fed J at the Toronto Zoo. Oh yes, and in the crocodile kiddie pool, at the same time as a bunch of other breastfeeding moms.

    It's hard to remmeber now...I just fed J when he was hungry, wherever we were!

  3. While pushing the buggy at Superstore when my second baby was a newborn - I left her sleeping in the bucket seat, plopped that into the buggy, started shopping, then she woke up screaming. What else was I to do? I just hauled her floppy little body out, held her close, whipped out a boob, and kept shopping!

    Also - boob on the go, especially when she was younger, in the bjorn on long walks. I once nursed my first daughter the whole length of Mosquito Creek that way!


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