Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Pros & cons of various baby-transport options

Advantages of a carrier
  • You can go anywhere you can walk--no worries about stairs, awkward doors, narrow store aisles, etc.
  • Baby stays warmer
  • It's easier to protect a little one from animals, rain
  • Interaction with baby is easier
  • Babies are often calmer when held against the body in a carrier, compared to sitting on their own in a stroller
  • Our carrier can be chucked in the washing machine to clean it
  • Carriers take up much less space in your home when not in use or when travelling
  • Carriers can be inexpensive (from $10 to make a simple fabric wrap to $130 for a more structured carrier like our Beco) compared to strollers
Advantages of a stroller
  • You can carry heavier items in cargo basket
  • No back strain issues
  • You can see your feet & are less likely to stumble
  • It's much easier to use the washroom alone
  • Our baby seems to sleep longer in the stroller
  • It's easier to protect baby from the wind with the stroller weather cover
  • You can attach toys for baby to play with
We make extensive use of both stroller & carrier, as our main modes of transportation are walking & transit. We've started using the carrier more for bus trips recently because if the bus is busy, it's too difficult to get on & off with the stroller. However, for grocery shopping (the few things we don't get delivered from SPUD) it's very handy to use the stroller as a shopping cart. Recently we bought an 8kg bucket of laundry detergent & just stuffed it into the basket, no problem. I would never have even bothered to buy in that quantity if I'd had to carry it in my hands on the ten-minute walk home.

I realize most of this list is only applicable to parents of one baby. If we had another child, or twins, it would be a different story. Can you add anything to my lists above? Do you use a stroller or a carrier more? Why?

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