Thursday, September 22, 2011

Linnaeus 13.1

Hmm... a bit late getting out the update, but here you go!

New this week: getting off our bed by himself! Sprout has figured out that he can safely get down from the bed by backing up slowly on all fours & then sliding off feet first to the floor. Yay! We still have to be careful when he's on there with us, but the fact that's he's learning how to do this makes me worry a lot less. He uses the same manoeuvre to get off my lap & off his little chair. I am thrilled that he's figuring out how to get down before he can get up on these things by himself.

I wonder if he'll be climbing the book cases before he starts walking, sometimes. Sprout still shows absolutely no inclination to walk. He'll cruise the furniture a little, when he wants to get something, but when you hold his hands, forget it. Instead of putting his feet on the floor, he bends his knees to crawl & won't take any steps with us.

Sprout passed his first big immune system test this past week too: Mama & Papa got some sort of nasty, brutish & short stomach bug virus, but baby didn't get sick at all. At first we were convinced that it was food poisoning because we'd eaten a chicken curry that he hadn't. But then a friend of ours got the same thing a few days later, without having eaten the curry. I'm hoping this is just the first of many instances where Sprout's strong immune system triumphs over evil bugs. I'd like to think that the  breastfeeding has helped him develop good defenses. :)

More new skills that I've noticed this week are all about making sounds. On top of his large repertoire of squeaks, squawks & babbling, Sprout has added a few involving his hands & mouth. I tried to get a video of it, but of course he never performs quite as well when I've got the camera on... Here's the best I could get:

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