Monday, September 26, 2011

Linnaeus 13.2

This week marked the momentous First Day at Daycare. Sprout hardly noticed a thing, because for him it was just hanging out with his best friend Aiden & Aiden's mom. At some point he noticed that both Mama & Papa weren't there, but didn't get too upset. Then when Kirsten gave him perogies for lunch he was thrilled. Little packets of gooey, carb-y goodness: the perfect food, in his eyes.

Now that Oliver is back to work & I'm in school, Sprout will be at daycare Mondays & Thursdays. His Nana & Grandpa will be taking care of him for a couple of hours some Wednesdays, when Oli is not working from home because I have a single one-hour class all the way up at SFU. Sprout & I meet Nana & Grandpa at Lougheed Mall & then I zip up the hill for class. This time, Sprout went for a walk & then played about an hour in the great little toddler playground at the mall. It's an enclosed, padded area with small things to climb & toys to play with. Nana & Grandpa had fun, though Grandpa needed a nap as much as Sprout did after playing hard.

Speaking of naps, Sprout has been sleeping a bit longer lately & even napped in his crib! He has no issues with sleeping there at night, but daytime? Forget it! I tried to get him to nap there months ago, but every time I tried, he'd just scream. Whether I put him down drowsy, rocked him, sang to him or breastfed him to sleep & then transferred him, it was the same. As soon as he touched the mattress, he would start to scream & then refuse to nap for hours. So I gave up trying & just stuck with what worked: stroller naps, mostly. I didn't mind this, as it meant he was quite portable & I never had to be home at a certain time for his nap. He slept on buses, in noisy cafes, at the library, amid the heavy traffic din along Kingsway, through the honking of the massive trucks at the Ocean Concrete Open House--pretty much anywhere. But days when I am at home in the early afternoon, it's nice to just have him asleep in his bedroom.

Here's hoping that this new nap-habit will stick...

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