Saturday, November 19, 2011

Linnaeus 15.1

At Hillcrest Pool 
This week Sprout has figured out how to get onto & then actually go somewhere on his ride-on toy. He's still working on the dismount, but hasn't fallen off it for a long time. He has even started making turns on it, which involves standing up & dragging the thing toward where he wants to go, as the steering is really limited on his fire truck. Most of the time he's still pushing his walker around while on his knees, but sometimes actually walking on his feet.
Linnaeus is babbling a lot more, saying 'ai' when he picks up the phone & puts it to his ear, even leaving voicemail for people.

Another exciting first is swimming! We finally made it to the pool. Sprout took a few minutes to get used to the idea of floating. I'd say he's still not entirely sold on it, but he did pretty well overall. He particularly liked the hot pool, where he played with some other little kids for a few minutes. I think we'll definitely go back again soon. Stay tuned for my article on Hillcrest Pool in Vancouver Mom Magazine.

In the dental department, eyetooth #2 is poking through, for a grand total of 14 teeth. He's really getting much better with his molars which are all through the gums completely now. Dense, crunchier food is not a problem.

Another milestone we passed this week was his first hair cut. His hair now looks much thicker & he's getting less food in it. Yay! Oddly, since having his hair cut, he went from looking just like mama to just like Papa & Opa. Even days later, I'm still not used to this completely different little person.

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