Monday, November 21, 2011

Read me on Vancouver Mom

Just in case you hadn't got enough of me on this blog, you can also read my articles on Vancouver Mom. I'm the Central Contributor, covering my neighbourhood (Cambie, Main & Fraser Streets basically) & writing about three our four articles a month. I write about kid-friendly restaurants, shops that tickle my fancy, outdoor spaces I love, events that are going on in the area... Anything I think other Vancouver mamas might find interesting. If you have a suggestion for something I should write about, please don't hesitate to mention it!

As Christmas is coming, Vancouver Mom has put out an events guide, which I edited for this year. Each Wednesday there will be a list of fun, family-friendly activities going on in the city. The first one is already out! Read it here. I have also written two articles with some tips for maintaining sanity in the holidays & DIYing. Stay tuned for the links on Facebook, plus you can find my past articles here on Sprog Blog's Vancouver Mom page (see the dark grey bar above ↑ or just click here).

UPDATE: If you'd like to download the whole guide as a PDF, including the events listings, my articles & a gift guide, you'll find it here.

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