Saturday, December 10, 2011

Linnaeus 16.0

Sixteen months, wow. It doesn't feel like it was over two years ago that I got pregnant. But then when I think back to how much Sprout has learned--how far I've come as a parent--in just the past year, it seems like longer.

Picking out the day's chocolate 'ration'
Though Sprout is generally a healthy kid, 'tis the season, so he's had another bout with illness. This time it was probably the same stomach bug as I had last weekend, though he (& Papa too) seem to have gotten off rather more lightly than I did. Sprout's appetite wasn't that great for a couple of days. I had to resort to applesauce, yogurt & bananas. He wasn't even all that into toast, which is bizarre for little Mr. Bread Lover. The only thing he didn't hesitate to eat--not surprisingly--was his advent chocolates. He loves going into the little doors & popping out the mini lindors.

Possibly because he was tired from his little immune system working so hard, he had some stellar naps all week--mostly two & three hours. It's been really easy to get him to sleep or nap lately, which has been great for my productivity.

Despite being sick for half the week, Sprout is still his cheerful little self. He's constantly banging on things, including his xylophone. I'd have to say his favourite toy of the week is probably his socks--pulling them off, putting them on his hands & pulling them off again. He still refuses to wear mittens outside, however. A close second would be the squishier bears in his teddy collection. He likes to nap with one of them & we often have one in our bed for him in the mornings when he comes in for his morning feed & cuddle.

Walking is going to happen any day now: Linnaeus is constantly practicing standing on purpose in all kinds of tricky places, like on the couch, in the bath & on our bed. He often stands on his own without realizing it while holding a drink with both hands. (Though he doesn't actually need two hands to pick up his sippy cups. I find it hilarious every time I see him slinging his straw cups around one-handed.) He's also been cruising between objects that are farther & farther apart. Don't forget to submit your prediction for when he'll walk here in the comments. (there's a prize for the closest guess!)

The big news of the week has been the new words Sprout's started using. New this week: beep-beep (beh beh), nom (this is a breastfeeding request) & dog (dok). So far that makes that (dah), uh-oh, no, all done (ah-doh), ball/balloon (bah), hi (aiee), hello, door (doh).

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