Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Linnaeus 17.0

Trying out the new ride.
This week's new words are ee-oh (radio), tattoo, pah (plant), yeah, toh (toast), daoh (star) & bee. He's also started using the word "No" a lot, rather than just pushing things away with his hands. He's been saying no for a long time, but I don't think he really understood what it meant until this week. & I forgot to add in ha-fa (high five) a couple of weeks ago.

We bought an umbrella stroller on Craigslist this week for the times we know the bus will be crowded & when we're travelling. Sprout was playing with it today & figured out how to climb in & out of it after a few minutes. Hopefully we can get him to climb in on his own when we're out.

Another skill Sprout has now mastered is eating maki--he's had avocado rolls several times before, but usually took them apart & ate the rice & filling, leaving slimy strips of nori behind. This past week, he managed to figure out how to somehow suck them into his mouth & then chew the seaweed. He ate five of the six yam rolls we ordered, plus a lot of Papa's udon, a piece of tempura & a few pieces of chicken. I'd like to see how he likes sashimi next time, maybe.

Though Sprout is getting better at climbing & learning more & more words, he still hasn't really started walking yet, except for a couple of occasions where he took two or three steps. I know he'll do it more eventually, but it feels like he's taking forever to learn.

The climbing is cute but a bit nerve wracking & this week Sprout had a really good fall: he tipped the stroller over in the living room & fell on his face on the hardwood. I'm kind of relieved that I was at school, because Oli says the amount of blood that came out of Sprout's mouth was disturbing. When I got home, an hour after it happened, Sprout was snoozing peacefully in the stroller, lip puffed up into a little snapping turtle beak & a bit of blood still oozing out of his mouth. He didn't break any teeth & the cuts inside his mouth weren't enough to warrant stitches, but I called the NurseLine anyway. It's such a great service to have access to--it was very reassuring to have a nurse go through all kinds of questions to rule out head injury & give us tips on signs to watch for.

The next day I got a better look inside his mouth & though the swelling had gone down a bit & the bleeding had totally stopped, I was worried enough to take him to the dentist. Unfortunately, Sprout was terrified. The dentist was lovely & very patient with him, but her glasses with magnifying lenses & paper face mask really freaked him out. She said his top front teeth would probably be fine, though there's a chance that the nerves &/or blood supply to them might be damaged & the teeth might die, which isn't a problem if there's no abscess. I'll just keep my fingers crossed.

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  1. Oh man. Poor little dude! I hope his teeth are ok. Theo had a huge bleeder that freaked us right out but by the time we thought to call someone, it had stopped and he seemed ok.

    Sounds like he's putting all his efforts into talking rather than walking. *lol* Theo is super agile but slow to talk. He's only really just starting to out words together and answer questions and he's 2.5.

    Anyway, cutie!


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