Thursday, May 3, 2012

Linnaeus 20.3

Our neighbour's dandelions are the size of gerberas...
This week:
  • Sprout's been more into colouring. He still eats the crayons though.
  • He's gotten really fast at putting his puzzles back together. Maybe he needs new ones for a challenge?
  • His favourite book has been The Cat in the Hat. When Papa or I read it, we let him finish the sentences. He particularly likes the bits where the cat is balancing various household items on himself. He seems to have a great memory & loves to sit down with a book, so I wouldn't be surprised if he's reading by the time he starts kindergarten.
  • Perhaps a side-effect of all the colouring & reading is that Sprout's starting to learn his colours. He knows orange (his favourite colour for a year now--I kid you not) & can usually identify blue & green.
  • His weird rash has improved--the part on his chest, back & neck is gone, but there's a patch on one hip that's stubbornly resisting.
  • He has mostly accepted wearing hats & will sport his St. Pauli cap for hours or even sometimes the one I crocheted him recently.
  • Favourite food this week is teez. He requests it as soon as I say the word lunch. He'll eat more than he probably should & then beg for some of mine too.
  • His vocabulary continues to increase on a daily basis. Sometimes it's just the length of words he already knows, like balloon becoming badoondoondoon. I have no idea why he's added two syllables. New words this week: CD, cinnamon, net, basket.
  • Sprout's still not running yet (thank God) but he's getting a lot faster (eek).
  • Another thing we see him doing multiple times a day is dancing: any music (including cell phone ringtones) & he'll bust a move. He was pretty excited to hear the CDs that we got as gifts for being Vancouver International Children's Festival Superfans. It's a best of compilation with a selection of performers who've played Kidsfest in the past 30-odd years.
  • Though he still hasn't figured out how to throw the ball up, he can palm a (mini) basketball & dunk it. Here's video evidence from MPCC's drop-in todder gym:

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