Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Then & Now

I decided to look back through the photos & videos I've taken of Sprout in the past year to find one from a year ago. I found one from mid-May of last year, shot on my phone in Marche St. George. Compare it with yesterday's video at Kits Beach playground with Uncle Mikey & what a world of difference. He's still interested in touching things to feel their texture, but now he's likely to say or ask tut? When he wants to feel something. I'm sure he'd still love that little Eames rocker, but now he'd be able to climb into it himself. Last year at this time we were just starting to take him to the park & send him down slides, but he couldn't crawl yet. These days he demands we go on a daily basis, climbs up to the slide & goes down himself at many of the playgrounds.

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