Sunday, June 3, 2012

Kidsfest Day Two

We started off our second day at the Vancouver International Children's Festival at Soundscape. I love the idea of using repurposed baking pans, racks & water bottles to make music. There was even something I'll call a Seuss-a-ma-phone made of bent PVC pipe with whacking implements made of old foam sandals--brilliant! Sprout liked making noises, but he's not quite at the WHACK IT WITH A STICK age yet, so we didn't stay too long.

Next up was the Pete the Cat show. I'd heard that Pete the Cat has become quite the phenomenon (New York Times Best Seller at both the #1 & #3 spots!), but I have to admit we didn't know anything about the books or the author, Eric Litwin, going into the show. I'm now a confirmed fan: the show was as fun for parents as for the little ones. 'Mr. Eric' had someone from the audience up on stage helping him for every song & story he did. In between singing, storytelling, playing guitar & harmonica, he made lots of jokes & picked on several adult audience members (all in good fun, of course).

After the show, we picked up a copy of Pete the Cat & his Four Groovy Buttons, which we had signed by Mr. Eric. It's a colourful, fun story about a cat with a message: don't sweat the small stuff. It's also great for kids working on their elementary math skills.

After a quick lunch with Will Stroet, his wife Kim & daughter Ella at Agro Cafe (Stay tuned for my upcoming Will Stroet DVD giveaway!) we headed back to Kidsfest for some Twist & Toddle time. I think we could have just taken Sprout there both days & he would have been happy. Today he spent a bit of time playing at the water table, crawled through the tunnels, built things with the various types of blocks on hand & played cars.

We got to see lots of my performer friends at the event. Yesterday Dawn was performing on stilts & we got to see Danielle as the crazy purple butterfly. I ran into Lindsey Long Legs before his set, but unfortunately missed seeing his lovely King Koi stilting character. I think this is something that makes the Children's Festival just that much better. Because there are roving performers all over the site, all day, you never know when you'll see something magical.

Speaking of magical, Sprout was clearly enthralled by the lion dancers. He wasn't scared like some of the kids were--I had to keep him from running into the circle to dance with them. I think his favourite performer might have been Indigo's furry mascot. He needed to give the giant mouse not just one, but three hugs.

Our last stop was the World Youth Stage, where we watched the kids from Circus West put on a great variety show. I decided to skip Sock It To Me & the Bicycle Spin Art as I doubt Sprout would have been able to wait in line & they were pretty popular. We have to leave something for next year, right?

Just in case you haven't been there yet, you've got one last day to experience the fun that is the Vancouver International Children's Festival: Sunday, June 3, 10am to 4pm. Don't miss out!

Disclosure: I was asked by Limelite PR to be part of a team of bloggers promoting the festival through writing about our experiences with it. My posts & opinions are my own. :)

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