Saturday, June 2, 2012

Linnaeus 21.3

This has been a busybusybusy week here in Sprogland--Nana & Gumpa! Kidsfest! Writing work! Oma & Opa!--so I'm going with bullet points for the weekly update.
  • Sprout hasn't been eating as much--particularly at breakfast.
  • However, he's still a cheese monster.
  • Speaking of which, he will growl when you call him a monster.
  • I've been noticing more longer sentences--four words sometimes.
  • At Kidsfest Sprout was repeating the French words & actions that go along with 'En haut, en bas' at the Will Stroet show we saw. (Track #7 in the player below)

  • Favourite book this week: Where the Wild Things Are 
  • He's started describing pictures he sees, like in the above book: "Climb tree"
  • We had a lovely little nature moment when I 'rescued' worm from crawling up Sprout's slide in the back yard. I put it in his little hand, helped him return it to the garden bed, then we watched it dig back into the soil. Sprout bid the critter adieu with, "Bubbye, worm!"
  • You got a bit of a teaser with the Wordless Wednesday post on his new bike: here's a video of his first ride:

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