Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Linnaeus 22.1

What's better than a toy guitar? Its box!
Here's the weekly update, in list form:
  1. Sprout has officially become a 'buddy' at Budding Children's Garden & Daycare. He's been there a few times now & loves all the toys they have. He seems pretty at ease there already, so I'm excited that I can start getting more time to work.
  2. He's actually pretty good at drinking from a cup now. We use straw cups or sippy cups when we're on bikes or he's in the stroller, though.
  3. Sprout has really been doing lots of imaginary play. His dolls & little Playmobil toys talk, make sounds, eat & do all sorts of things.
  4. On some of our rides along the sea wall, there have been pedestrians on our side, so I ring the bell & tell them they're on the bike path. Since then, Sprout has started randomly shouting, "Bike path!" during the day, whether we're cycling or not.
  5. For weeks now, Sprout has been waking up once every night between 2 & 4am. Rather than one of us trying to get him quieted down & back in his crib, Oli just brings him back to bed with us, where he instantly falls asleep again.
  6. Passed out after noms.
    Sprout's sleep schedule has been a bit all over the place this week. A few times he went for eight hours before falling asleep for a nap. This makes me worry that he's getting really close to giving up a nap. I'm not ready to give up that two hours in the afternoon!
  7. His favourite food continues to be cheese. I've still never seen him turn it down. He is eating less in general these days, though. I can't find any reason for it, so I think it might just be that toddler thing that so many kids seem to go through.
  8. Papa & Sprout found a dinged up little tow truck on the way to the park & Sprout has been carrying it around ever since. He's started to try to take his little toys with him whenever we go out. On Sunday we got to Car-Free Day on Main Street & I realized he was clutching his Playmobil horse in his hand.
  9. Along with the Little Pookie books, Sprout's favourites this week are Along a Long Road & Where the Wild Things Are. He really likes pointing out all the things he sees during the bike ride that makes up the story of Along a Long Road. I think this book is what made him walk along the yellow line in the road during Car Free Day on Main Street.
  10. Sprout has become obsessed with nipples. It doesn't surprise me that he's fond of mine, because he's still breastfeeding around four times a day. But it's his too: when I'm getting him dressed, as soon as his chest is bare, he says, "Nipples," & starts poking them.

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