Thursday, October 25, 2012

Sprout's 'First' Autumn

Though this is his third autumn, I realized yesterday that it seems like Sprout's first. As he was picking up fallen leaves from the sidewalk, I started thinking about where he was at the last two years. In 2010 at this time of year, we were still counting his age in weeks & he spent three quarters of his time sleeping. Newborns have fairly limited vision, so he may not have been able to see that much of the colourful display put on by the trees. Last October he still wasn't walking, so most of his outdoor time was spent in a stroller, carrier or in a park swing. This year he's naming the changing colours of the leaves & seems delighted that they're all coming down to where he can reach them.


  1. We just went for a Halloween walk in our neighbourhood, and it's definitely, the first time he's been so enthusiastic about it. And by enthusiastic, I mean ENTHUSIASTIC!

  2. Ah yes, T's ENTHUSIASM is definitely an All-Caps sort of thing. :) Sprout doesn't really understand Hallowe'en yet--we've got a couple of books about it, but I think he's just too little to get it.


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