Friday, December 6, 2013

Bronte 0.3

This month, I thought I'd do the update as a quick list. Here's Bronte by the numbers:

  • 5400 grams--11 pounds 14 ounces for you imperial users--as of last Tuesday. She's growing slow but steady like her brother did.
  • 56 cm, or 22 inches, tall the last time we measured her, which was actually nearly a month ago at her two-month shots. It might be a bit early to make predictions, but I have a suspicion that little B isn't going to be tall like her brother--her hands & feet are pretty little.
  • 12+ hoodies--she's already got waaaay too many clothes, most of which are hand-me-downs from her twin cousins. 
  • 8+ hours that she sleeps straight through at night, though not every night. Little bugger likes to k eep me on my toes: some nights it's 5, some nights it's 9. I never know.
  • 5+ major spit-ups a day, so #3 doesn't seem that excessive when you think about it.
  • 2 hands grabbing at things to stuff them in her mouth. She's still not very good at this, but I see progress by the day.
  • 1 big brother who still asks, "Can I hold my baby?" nearly every day.

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