Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Linnaeus 3.4

Fake cheeseball smile
As this is a super busy time of year, I'll do a list for Linnaeus' monthly update too. One of the most interesting things about his going to preschool that I didn't forsee was that I'd learn a lot about him by hearing how he does from the teachers. That's what's behind this month's update. Here you go:

Things I've learned about my son recently

  1. He is very strong. Reportedly stronger than any of the other (even the older) children at preschool, he lifts heavy boxes of toys. 
  2. He pushes other kids a lot. Hopefully as he learns to join in playing with other kids & develops the skills to cooperate, he'll do this a lot less. We have already seen some progress in a few months.
  3. This kid is really technical & loves to figure out how things work. Puzzles, Duplo & anything remotely mechanical hold his interest.
  4. He has great pronunciation & most adults understand what he says most of the time, but he still struggles with using language when he's upset.
  5. Linnaeus is not a follower & really likes to do things by himself, on his own schedule. Getting him to go places or do different things can be like herding cats & requires a deft touch, I tell you.
  6. He loves fish so much that he asks to eat it nearly every day & will cry hard if he drops a piece of it. Sushi, battered fish & chips, baked or grilled, he loves it all.
  7. He will eat nearly any vegetable if it is cut in the shape of a teddy bear. I've been experimenting with his lunches & using cookie cutters to make them a bit more fun. He ate ALL his green pepper pieces the day that they were shaped like bears.
  8. He's starting to pick things up from other children. The two things I'm fairly sure come from other kids at preschool are pretending to shoot guns (we never do any gun play at home, nor do we let him see any shows with it) & role playing 'the bad man' (or designating someone else as such). 
  9. He will now willingly pose for photos & do a fake smile. (see above image for evidence)

Thanks for reading the update! Hope you're having a fabulous December so far!

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