Friday, January 10, 2014

Linnaeus 3.5

Riding the Christmas Train in Stanley Park
Linnaeus has had a rough month, health-wise. He's been sick nearly all of the past four weeks, for which I blame preschool germs. I'm hoping his immune system will soon be strong enough to resist at least half the bugs that get thrown his way in there, but with his nose-picking habit & didslike of washing hands, I suspect it'll be a serious challenge. Sigh.

His fourth Christmas was a fairly low-key affair, as he's still a bit young to really get too excited about the whole thing. I think next year we'll really have to be on our game though. He got lots of presents but not an excessive amount & they were all well-suited to him.

This past week was his first week of just three days a week at preschool. After meeting with his teachers earlier in the month, we decided to drop Tuesday & Wednesday to give him more of a break, since being there with so many other kids & all the things he's expected to do independently was a little much for him five days a week. I feel a bit bad about throwing him into something that he wasn't really ready for, but we thought he'd adjust to it. After three months it was pretty clear that he was still not there yet. Maybe next school year he'll be able to do five days.

Another thing the new schedule means that I'm looking forward to is more playdates. These have been few & far between because a lot of his friends still nap in the afternoons, which was formerly our only free time. Having a couple of mornings open means we'll be able to go to the Mount Pleasant Family Centre drop-in more often too.

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