Thursday, March 6, 2014

Bronte 0.6

My little girl is now a half year old & ready for solid food! Today we'll start with baby-led weaning. I'm very excited--I loved introducing Linnaeus to solid food & I think it'll be even more fun this time around. But enough about that--there will be plenty of posts & photos on the topic in the next few weeks.

B & me at the Vancouver Aquarium
Brontë's adding more & more sounds to her repertoire, her current favourite being a cackling growl that I refer to as the 'rabid dolphin'. I'm not sure, but I think she's copied it from her brother, as he makes a similar noise fairly often. It's kind of ridiculous when the two of them get going.

Another thing that's changed in the past month is sleep. Brontë was occasionally sleeping through the night a month or so ago, but she's started waking once or twice a night now. As long as I get to sleep relatively early, I can survive on broken sleep, but I really hope this is just a short phase & she'll move toward sleeping 7+ hours at a stretch again.

This month's biggest development was mobility--Wee One started rolling & gathered steam quite quickly. By halfway through the month, she'd roll from back to tummy pretty much the instant I put her on the floor. I started giving Brontë more & more playtime on the floor & she used it to spin around like a clock once she got on her tummy, or sometimes rolling from front to back to front again so she could go further. I think she's discovered that it's easier to move around off the blanket on the hardwood, so she tends to roll that way.

I suspect she's going to be crawling & walking earlier than her big brother did...

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