Friday, June 6, 2014

Bronte 0.9

My favourite photo of B yet--taken with my phone!
Things Bronte loves:

  1. belly raspberries
  2. being sung to
  3. eating paper
  4. standing
  5. playing in water
  6. shouting, squealing, trilling & making loud noises in general
  7. being used as a weight during Mama's workouts (particularly squats)
  8. eating sand

Things Bronte hates:

  1. having her face wiped
  2. lying on her back for diaper changes
  3. being strapped into her carseat
  4. applesauce
  5. having shirts/dresses pulled over her head & arms

New skills this month:

  1. moving from a crawl to sitting
  2. pulling up from crawl to stand on the coffee table or foot stool
  3. cruising (a little bit) on low objects (like Papa lying on the floor)
  4. drinking water out of a straw cup without spitting it everywhere
  5. hitting two toys together
  6. chewing things like nori & business cards

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