Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Linnaeus 3.10

Playing the bike xylophone at Kidsfest 
Things Linnaeus loves:

  1. playing in water (like the bathtub or wading pool)
  2. being 'helpful', carrying things, opening the garage door, etc.
  3. singing 
  4. riding his trail-a-bike (he usually does lots of #3 while riding)
  5. building with Duplo or his wooden train set
  6. playing in cardboard boxes
  7. using keys to open the back gate & house
  8. Muppet movies--he's seen two now
  9. going to the Vancouver International Chilkdren's Festival 

Things Linnaeus hates:

  1. getting his face in water
  2. floating in water 
  3. going to bed early
  4. waking up before 9am
  5. leaving the playground
  6. food that's too warm

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