Friday, July 11, 2014

Linnaeus 3.11

This isn't the first time he's shoehorned himself in here...
Linnaeus is less than a month away from turning four. He's going through a stage of VERY strong feelings about a lot of things, so this month I thought I'd write a list of what he loves & what he hates right now:


  1. Floating in the pool, still.
  2. Leaving the playground.
  3. Really warm food. 
  4. Waking up before 9am.
  5. Going to bed before 10pm.
  6. Getting dressed in a hurry.


  1. Popsicles--I've been making pureed fruit pops a lot in the past week or so.
  2. Riding his new pedal bike.
  3. Going out on the Yuba Mundo.
  4. Being read to.
  5. Taking his shoes off at the park & running around barefoot.
  6. Playing with water in the sink, with the hose in his kiddie pool, or at his water table.

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