Sunday, August 10, 2014

Linnaeus 4.0

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Just this summer I've noticed some big changes in my little boy. I think Linnaeus is finally starting to get a little bit more logical. His imaginary play makes a bit more sense (though it's still kind of off the wall sometimes) & he seems to understand more things in general.

He's still quite polite, saying thank you & even please on occasion. His default when he really doesn't like something is "No, thank you!", which we owe to his daycare provider last year. He's also saying "I love you" a lot, which is kind of funny, as he just says it randomly to people he knows (his friend's dad, me when I was leaving to go shopping, etc.). He's gotten really into hugging people too.

We still have the occasional bad day where he hits people a lot & has multiple meltdowns, but they're getting fewer & farther between, slowly & surely, I think. He's generally good with most of his friends, including the little boy who lives just down the street. They often shout across the yards at each other & arrange to play together.

One of the things I'm proud of is how well Linnaeus speaks. His pronunciation of most sounds is bang on, with just a little ways to go on R. He's aware of how R is supposed to sound & has started working on getting it right. Because he's still very young, I am not pushing him to get all this stuff right & wouldn't be at all worried if he still had issues pronouncing quite a few sounds the usual way. He just seems to want to get it right & will occasionally repeat a word, emphasizing the sound he's working on. He went through a phase of this about a year ago with TH sounds, becoming very accurate within a few months.

I know it's a bit trite, but it's still hard to believe that it was already four years ago that I birthed this boy. Hard to believe we'll be registering him for kindergarten in just a few months!

Happy fourth birthday to my little boy!

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