Monday, October 6, 2014

Bronte 1.1

Thirteen months old now, Brontë is keeping me seriously busy. She started walking this past month, though she's only taken a few steps so far. She's started talking even more, adding Papa, hat, & out into regular rotation. She's also developed her ability to unfasten things. She can get out of anything that's velcro, snapped, or zipped together. She also loves to try to do things up & will try her best to put her shoes back on, do up her bike helmet or zip up her sweater.

Besides being constantly in motion, her personality is really coming through. Dr. Lin at the Breastfeeding Clinic once described Brontë as assertive, back when she was just a newborn. I have to admit, I didn't see it at the time. The only other newborn I'd known so well was Linnaeus, but comparing the two across three years & the sleep-deprived fog wasn't that helpful.

But now that she's a year old, I really see this little girl's assertiveness. She is a powerful personality, already showing determination, focus, & a strong will. She is friendly & sociable, many would describe her as an easy baby, but take your time in giving her what she wants & you will hear her wrath!

For months, I tried to interest her in using this walker, but she was completely indifferent to it until a few days ago. Now try to keep up with her!

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