Thursday, January 8, 2015

Top 10 Posts from 2014

Whee! We get to go in a Modo van!
Looking back at 2014 around Spokesmama & here are my top ten posts that I published last year. It was a real mixed bag of what you visited most, but I guess that sums up this blog.

  1. A Useful Tool For Parents of Young Children: Kid Friendly Places This is just the kind of thing I love telling people about & I'm happy you liked it too!
  2. I'm Afraid For The Future Of BC I kept silent for too long about what was (& sadly still is) going on with education in our province.
  3. 10 Hashtags That Describe Me A silly list for fun, part of NorthWestMommy's weekly linky.
  4. Sands Alive! Sensory Play + Giveaway Toy reviews are so much fun & it's even more fun when I get to give them away!
  5. Normal Term Breastfeeding, Or "Mama, can I have some noms?" To me, an important part of promoting breastfeeding is talking about what it's really like. I've had a crazy rollercoaster ride with both kids & I hope sharing my story--& the fact that I've made it as far as I have--will help other mamas somehow.
  6. Project #EcoClutterBuster Where it all started... & where it's still going, since the project of decluttering my house apparently could not be completed in a year.
  7. Back A Kickstarter Project That Turns Any Cup Into A Spill-Proof Sippy There are a lot of really nifty crowdfunding projects out there & this one seemed pretty brilliant.
  8. Scary Words Like "MRI", & "Pediatric Neurosurgeon" I wore my heart on my sleeve for this post, talking about what it's like when someone tells you your baby's spinal cord isn't quite normal.
  9. Choco Chimps Cereal Review + Nature's Path Envirokidz Instagram Contest The way to a kid's heart is through their stomach. A box with a cute picture of a primate doesn't hurt either.
  10. #LetsModo Picking Up Our Treekeepers Christmas Spruce I'm positive that more families living in urban areas of Metro Vancouver could ditch their cars & use Modo. I write about it to show what it's really like & share with you all how doable it really is.

Thank you for reading & commenting once in a while! Now it's your turn to tell me: what's your favourite Spokesmama post? Or what kind of things would you like to see more of around here?

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