Monday, July 20, 2015

Cargo Bike Comparison: Longtail vs. Long John

Test driving a Larry vs. Harry Bullitt at the HUB Picnic
After getting to test drive a few front loading long john style bikes (I call them bakfietsen) recently at the HUB Member Picnic & the Mount Pleasant Family Biking Festival, I decided to add in a section in my Cargo Bike FAQs on the differences I see between the two styles.

I've been thinking about it a lot in the past couple of months because I am coveting another cargo bike--I'd love to have a bakfiets as well as our Yuba Mundo. They both have different strengths & weaknesses. I think if we added a bakfiets to our fleet--especially with an e-assist--it might make some of the cargo hauling runs we do that much easier & maybe even replace a few more of the Modo carshare bookings.

Pop over to my Cargo Bike FAQs if you'd like to take a look--in case you've already read the list before, the comparison is at the bottom.

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