Saturday, March 23, 2013

Linnaeus 2.7 (a bit late)

Rain or shine, the bike rack must be played with.
I just realized, nearly two weeks after the fact, that I forgot to actually click 'publish' on this monthly update post. Heh. School has been a priority lately & my poor blog has suffered, as you've probably noticed. However, I've recently got my blogging mojo back & we're back to daily content here on The Sprog.

Without further ado, here's the update on Sprout at two years & seven months old:
  1. He's adjusted well to daycare & loves going every morning. It's very rare that there are any tears when dropping him off.
  2. He comes home with new songs & manners, plus skills like putting on his own pants, putting on shoes & taking off his coat all by himself.
  3. He's becoming more articulate, with few baby talk words left. They're not entirely gone, however--look for a post on "toddlerisms" later this week.
  4. The crafts are piling up--he's made a whole lot of things at daycare, including what I think is a paper toothbrush, binoculars, a decorated paper box for Valentine's Day, a tissue paper flower, a doll picture for Hinamatsuri, a bus made of a Kraft Dinner box)
  5. The regular routine is working out well, though Sprout sometimes wakes up on weekends expecting to go to Strongstart.
  6. I need to remember to keep him in the loop more--explaining what we're going to do & where we're going to go ahead of time.
  7. We've backed off on toilet training a bit, though he's made some progress in that department. I think we'll try getting a little more serious in the warmer months & aim to have him fully daytime trained by August.
  8. He's getting much more daring on his runner bike & pulling up feet for long glides.
  9. When we're on the way home from daycare, his obsession with bike racks makes the trip a fair bit slower. He likes to play on every single one he encounters like a mini-jungle gym.

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